ALBUM REVIEW: Comeback Kid – Heavy Steps

Twenty-plus years into a career doing anything in the world might make you take your foot off the gas pedal, especially an industry as brutal as the music industry. However, Manitoba’s Comeback Kid continue to challenge themselves to keep refining their sound, and sharpening their focus over a series of releases. The bands’ new album Heavy Steps (Nuclear Blast/New Damage) shows the veteran band of the scene lifting up the rest of us up with defiant music set on highlighting what makes life worth fighting for. uniting us.

With nary any fat on any of these songs at a razor sharp 32 minutes in total for the entire album, Heavy Steps is not messing around or laying back in any way. The album kicks off with the absolute raging title track. The bands masterful Melodic Punk craft shines through on the hooky and amazing chorus build to be screamed on stages and by fans. The title is ominous but the song is uplifting and chill inducing. They are off to a good start.

“No Easy Way Out” has a great riff and beat. “Face The Fire” is another uptempo banger. The super catchy, yet slick abd heavy guitar work can be found on this track and all of Heavy Steps. “Face The Fire” also has my favorite ignorant breakdown of the entire album. Just straight punchy-punch time. Remember, just like at the show, if someone falls down in your living room while moshing to Comeback Kid, pick them the hell up.

Fans of of Metal who also rep Hardcore will love “Crossed!” Not only is it easily the heaviest track on the album, it features guest vocals from Joe Duplantier of Gojira. Seeing as how Joe is not just a CK fan, but also another incrediblely heavy, yet melodic vocalist. It’s a perfect pairing.


Another gest appearance comes from JJ on “Everything Relates!” It’s nice that these two tracks are excellent and have fresh guest spots, but they not nearly the best songs on the album. That honor goes to “True To Form” which has that old-school chop chop riff and the total beatdown beats. I can’t put it in any plainer terms. Simple and to the point is the way to write great HC songs. Late album tracks like “Standstill” and “Menacing Weight” are also very tight.

Comeback Kid is setting the bar very high for hardcore early in 2022!


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8 / 10