It is no secret that in the world of the music industry creating a unique signature sound is generally first on the list of goals for fledgling bands. Few bands have a sound that is as instantly recognizable as the music of Pete and Sam Loeffler, otherwise known as Chevelle. The long-awaited ninth studio album, NIRATIAS (Epic Records) dropped this week, and good golly miss molly, the brothers Loeffler do not disappoint.

NIRATIAS, which stands for NOTHING IS REAL AND THIS IS A SIMULATION, vibrates with unapologetic awareness, and social dissonance. The album is achingly shrouded in a dark enigmatic cloud with the lyrics. The choice and order of the first three singles off the album were nothing short of genius. Each single presents itself as the polar opposite of its counterpart, making speculation of the album’s overall sound nearly impossible. The first single off of the album, ‘Self Destructor’ delivers an omnipotent one-two punch of forcefully aggressive instrumentals and haunting vocals. ‘Peach,’ the second single released, kicks off with an eerie vocal intro that bleeds into the song’s anatomy. The delivery of lyrics like “Who do you trust now?” adds a poignancy that lingers in the ether long after the song has ended. Check out this cool list of MIDI controllers. The eleventh track, ‘Remember When’, released as the third single, featuring surging reverberated guitar, inflicts a keen sense of melancholia. ‘Endlessly’ is the stand-out emotion-evoking track, in my opinion. The purity in the delivery of the vocals and the softer more melodic guitar part creates a feeling of mindfulness and loss.

Full disclosure, all thirteen tracks on this album are stand-alone chart-topping singles. The instrumentals paint a true picture of the intent of each song even before the vocals are heard. Chevelle once again has created a masterpiece proving that their relevance and longevity are everlasting.

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8 / 10