ALBUM REVIEW: Celeste – Assassine(s)

Some bands fit easily into a singular genre. And though it makes for much simpler categorization, it can inhibit an artist or artists that feel they want to branch out or try something new without alienating a fanbase. The French foursome Celeste do away with this notion entirely, and have dipped their toes in many different areas of music, most recently on their sixth album, Assassine(s) (Nuclear Blast), an effort that brings forth elements of Doom, Black Metal and atmospherics.

In a way, it’s a middle finger to any fan that wishes to neatly fit bands into predetermined molds.

‘De Tes Yeux Bleus Perlés’ is modern-day Black Metal; Johan’s vocals are crisp and well-produced as opposed to the dodgy and raw cuts one would find from the genre’s inception.

Lead track ‘Des Torrents De Coups’ features rather technical drum work provided by Royer, who acts as a formidable driving force to pace the composition, which dishes out bursts of energy followed by sludgy sections.


The group turns it up to eleven on ‘Draguée Tout Au Fond,’ seemingly assaulting their instruments and aggressively lashing out with both speed and ferocity. For riff lovers, Sébastien and Guillaume lay down a simplistic but effective melody that’s sprinkled throughout ‘Elle Se Répète Froidement’ which feels doomy and fresh at the same time. ‘Le Coeur Noir Charbon’ concludes Assassine(s), clocking in at over seven minutes and making use of soft, choral female vocals coupled with spoken word to shape a soothing soundscape before Johan bellows back to life.


Celeste brings loads to the table, unwilling to conform to a singular genre or style. Seventy-five percent of the band are original members, and it’s extremely evident in the forty-plus minutes of runtime as the instruments are able to breathe and the members are free to work independently. Combined, the end result is eight tracks of searing Black Metal, carefully paced Sludge and a hint of atmospherics that pleases fans from all different corners of music.

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7 / 10