CB3 (aka Charlottas Burning Trio), and expansive space-rock outfit hailing from Sweden’s Malmo, recently released their new album, Aeons and delivered another healthy dose of accessible hazy instrumental jams. This, their fourth album, which was partially funded through Kickstarter, is the band’s first with The Sign Records. It sees them continue their eclectic mix of spacy psychedelic rock sprinkled with moments of jazz and occasional stoner riffs.

Heavier and more straight to the point than the previous album), it nonetheless maintains the bands’ core sound. Hawkwind are an obvious touchpoint, but elements of 60s and 70s prog and rock – the likes of Pink Floyd, Cream, Jimi Hendrix, and even a bit of Black Sabbath -seep into the mix at various points. Jazz-rock influences of early material has largely made way for more rock influences but traces are still present, especially with all the rampant guitar soloing abound in every track.

Zodiac’ and ‘Sonic Blaze’ both deliver a satisfying mix of psychedelic keys, thick, fuzzy desert rock riffs, and plenty of swirling jams. The latter also injects some creeping evil atmosphere into proceedings. The aptly-named ‘Acid Haze’ has the most obvious Sabbath-influences; a slow, nine-minute doomy number that is the heaviest track on show and the most relatable if you like to headband through molasses. ‘Warrior Queen’ is a more mellow and uplifting journey but like the other tracks have plenty of guitar solo noodling going on. Closing track ‘Apocalypse’ is most unapologetically jazzy; starting with dreamy acoustic guitar work it just whips out a saxophone solo to serenade you as it ends.

Though it’s a fairly short ride album’s inoffensive and easy listening means repeated plays are welcome, and offer a chance to find something different hidden in the layers of each song. And if you have a penchant for this kind of music, CB3 have plenty to offer.

Jam bands often thrive in a live environment, and once this quarantine malarkey is over with, it’s easy to imagine them putting on a trippy and expansive show. As is, Aeons is five tracks of enjoyable, if not massively memorable, stoner jams. A fun trip to take.

7 / 10