Cane Hill – Kill The Sun EP

When Cane Hill came onto the scene in 2014 they were classified as nu-Metal. They were introduced as a foursome from New Orleans trying to make the highly criticized genre relevant. They are staying relevant with their second EP, the stripped back Kill The Sun EP (Rise Records).

Influenced by Alice In Chains, the dark grungy techniques are evident in this release. Kicking it off with ‘86d- No Escort,’ we are introduced to a very different band than they have been over the last five years that the world has known them. The electronic vibe that transitions to an acoustic track are produced well with an electrifying subtlety that intertwines with a drum stop.

‘Empty’ follows with a twist—a Latin feel serves as the background as vocalist Elijah Witt comes in softly accompanied with a neat guitar solo by James Barnett. This is not the only track where Barnett kills it. In ‘Save Me,’ the guitar solo is so killer that it enhances the piano-driven tune so well. The title-track showcases Witt’s vocal potential and the range he is capable of. The synth beats and effects create an unsettled harmony that comes together as a haunting climax.

Thought provoking lyrics are found throughout. ‘Acid Rain’ is lyrically dark and the most powerful vocals found in the six tracks but not as quite as epic or moody as their 2018 release Too Far Gone was. Wrapping it up with the instrumental ‘Smoking Man,’ the band has proven that they are capable of surprising listeners with this keen, darkly distorted track.

With this release, Cane Hill has proven that they are not afraid to step out of their comfort zone. Their previous releases have been satisfying but not as dynamic as this one. Kill The Sun is so powerful and musically united that helps set up the next stage of development for this band.

8 / 10