Borders – Purify

Borders is a foursome from Lincoln, England that are here to unapologetic provide much needed heavy music to your playlist. Thriving on pure heavy metal, their upcoming album Purify (Long Branch Records) embarks on a ten-track journey with elements from Djent to Post-hardcore.

Simplicity goes a long way and starting off with choppy riffs and distorted bass lines ‘731’ sets the tone for the sonic annihilation. The chorus is clever and vocalist Jordan ‘JJ’ Olifent does a rap style voicing that works well with his deep growls.

Much of the theme on the record is politically driven and touches on anything from the frail healthcare system and historic wars like in ‘Wake Up.’ Purify charge up anger and full force with their music. ‘Damage Everything’ and ‘Bad Blood’ will be fan favorites as they both come staggering through at full speed. ‘War’ encompasses some quieter moments with a clean vocal that add a quaint balance.

‘Demon’s Reach’ is another high note on the record. Guitar work by Gavin Burton cascades in a metalcore stream with rap-metal moments that aren’t tiring and Olifent delivers well. Borders don’t stay in one lane on this record, which keeps things interesting. In between speed-metal and deathcore, they find common ground.

The band even transitions to a more melodic pace in ‘Nothing to Lose.’ A successful metalcore album can’t be without a heavy breakdown—’A World Apart’ features a dangerous mid-point that will ignite a mosh pit. The track is savage and will put any crowd into action. ‘Faded’ has a progressive tempo but seems a bit out of place. Closing it out with ‘Walking Dead,’ it’s easy to conclude that this band is heading in the right direction.

Borders are not creating innovative progressive music here but their ambition shows. Purify carries the same formula track-to-track in an entertaining way—never a dull moment and memorable enough for a second spin. Borders version of heavy is transcendent, let’s just hope they develop with the potential they have.

7 / 10