ALBUM REVIEW: Bloody Hammers – Songs of Unspeakable Terror

Bloody Hammers are the Hard Rock husband and wife duo Anders Manga (Vocals, Guitar, Bass) and Devallia (Keyboards/Organ). Hailing from Transylvania County, NC, the Gothic-Metal rockers released Songs of Unspeakable Terror (Napalm Records). Of the Horror-Punk record, Manga says, “When the pandemic hit and I realized I’d be stuck at home for a while, I started thinking I needed to dig into a music project. I was oddly inspired by the unknown, and fear that this plague was gonna wipe us all out. I needed a creative escape.”

Songs of Unspeakable Terror creates horror through Thrash metal guitar riffs, archive recordings, and cleverly written songs. ‘A Night to Dismember’ and ‘Hands of the Ripper” kick off the album with crushing guitar riffs, fast percussion, and powerful singing, offering cool and gritty roadhouse vibes. To the accompaniment of a sludgy bassline, ‘Witchfinder General’ incorporates singing that is at times gravelly and occasionally melodic. With low, fast guitar riffs, the song sounds like theme music for a motorcycle ripping across the landscape.

‘Not of this Earth’ makes use of spooky, archival recordings that create a horrifying aesthetic. The song changes time, alternating between slow and fast, and accompanied by deliberate then aggressive drumming, lending this song doom and death elements. ‘The Ones Who Own The Dark’ feature clear, deep, and rich vocals, occasionally blurring the line between hard rock and pop. Instrumentally, this song sounds like a throwback to 80s thrash and hard-rock.

‘Walking the Dead’ has a shanty style with the doubling vocal effect creating a chorus. ‘Night of the Witch’ incorporates doom and death in terms of combining low guitar riffs with occasionally melodic singing. The vocal style has a degree of Groove Metal to it, and there is an element of 90s Grunge in the tone and feel of the melody. ‘We Are the Damned’ has a swashbuckling, pirate feeling with the fast tempo and the cavalier main vocals. The song also incorporates awesome deep backup vocals, symphonic singing that gives this song an element of Power Metal.


‘The Brain That Wouldn’t Die’ is another song that crosses the line between hard rock and pop in the guitar riffs and catchy singing. ‘Lucifer’s Light’ is a chill and acoustic number that is tranquil and serene with lovely keys that backup. Concluding with ‘I Spit on Your Corpse,’ Song of Unspeakable Terror ends with crushing riffs that are incredibly pulverizing, powerful singing, and ferocious drumming.

Songs of Unspeakable Terror by Bloody Hammers is a cool and fun album. Encompassing diverse hard rock styles while offering instrumental and melodic throwbacks, this Bloody Hammers record is an enjoyable and thrilling ride.

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8 / 10