Bleeding Through – Love Will Kill All

There was a strong wave in the metalcore scene that hailed from Southern California in the early 2000s that inspired many of the younger acts that we will see on the final run of Warped Tour like Of Mice and Men and Motionless In White. Riding along that wave was Atreyu, Avenged Sevenfold, Thrice and Eighteen Visions.

Some bands were more successful than others but one of the most prominent band in that category is Bleeding Through. It’s been six years since the quintet has released a new album—taking time to focus on personal matters. But as 2018 seems to be the year that metalcore continues to soar, the OC natives have unleashed a 12-track studio album that showcases the best they have to offer: Love Will Kill All.

Brandan Schieppati and company kick off the album with the ominous hymn, ‘Darkness, A Feeling I Know.’ As the introduction fades, the second single of the eight release ‘Fade Into The Ash’ rushes in and it takes you back to 2005, with a melodic synth keyboard ignited by Schieppati’s clean vocals. ‘Ends Us’ follows with a catchy chorus that sits strong as melodic guitars from Brian Leppke intertwine with familiar keys from Marta Peterson.

Peterson kills it. The synths come in on point throughout the album—but not only is she a master on those keys but also backing vocals for Schieppati. The band continues to deliver the ferocious melodies they are known for and is found right in ‘Cold World.’

‘Dead Eyes’ is an anthem which will make you feel alive with its pumping drum fills and memorable chorus.

As ‘Buried’ comes in, the dramatic riffs that back up Schieppati growls will have you headbanging until the end. ‘No Friends’ is reminiscent of prior years and will be the song that will ignite mosh pits. The first single ‘Set Me Free‘ is set up nicely so late in the album because it represents the album pretty well—it’s heavy and what you would want to hear from a veteran band. ‘No One From Nowhere’ comes in fierce with exquisite strings and snarly lyrics and has traces of This Is Love, This Is Murderous from 2003. As the album wraps with ‘Remain’ and ‘Slave,’ the album is brought full circle with standout track, ‘Life.’

Bleeding Through came back ready to attack and conquer the genre they can say they still rule. With tight symphonies and melodic tunes, the band is keeping metalcore alive. The younger kids should take notes.