Bleeding Gods – Dodekathlon

There is something to Death Metal that focuses on ancient gods and wars (especially when symphonic elements are mixed in) that really clicks in my head. This trend continues with the sophomore release from Netherlands own Bleeding Gods, entitled Dodekathlon (Nuclear Blast). Each song on the album does a good job of having its own memorable moments, even if the same sort of formula was being followed for the most part. Overall I really enjoyed the riffs that make up the tracks but when the solo kicks in with the symphony flying over, that is when Bleeding Gods really get the magic flowing.

Multiple Decapitation’ has a mix of everything, including some spoken word during a bridge of the song. A woman’s voice is heard speaking of the Hydra that guards the gates of Hell (ultimate cheese here, but I love it). ‘Birds of Hate’ was another fun track that I found myself excited when it started up. The best moment of the song is when the drumming slows down and gives off a nice two-step breakdown before speeding back up. The name of the song just gets me laughing as well which awards Bleeding Gods with some bonus points from me. One last song I found enjoyable was ‘Tripled Anger’ which is also the longest track on the album at just a few ticks south of seven minutes. Like all of the previous tracks on the album, I really feel like each song is its own story or journey. The harsh spoken word in the middle of the bridge that crescendos back up to a bridge.


Bleeding Gods have certainly impressed me with this release since such a band name really had me assuming I was starting off the year with a Deathcore album (see where assuming gets you!). As you can tell, I was pleasantly surprised to get some Symphonic Death Metal with epic storytelling of ancient gods and the battles they fought in. Sure, every song follows the same pattern, but at least Dodekathlon is a solid execution of that practice.