ALBUM REVIEW: Bleed From Within – Fracture

Glasgow may not be considered a heavy metal hub, but the band Bleed From Within proves that Scotland can produce some pretty extreme musicians. Formed fifteen years ago, this young, charged-up group of guys sought to make a spectacle of aggression and severity. Their early works took on a very vengeful edge that was mainly categorized under the Deathcore genre. Now, these fresh-faced Scots present a more sophisticated take on the ‘Core’ genres while merging it with Modern Metal on their new fifth full-length album, Fracture (Century Media Records).

The heat from a furious fire created by the frenzy of guitars on the opening track, ‘The End Of All We Know’ is immediately felt. Uninhibited excitement is ignited by each player building to this incredible power of passions. As their fervor swirls through the senses, the band’s complex capabilities are revealed. The groove and sway of each song carries a special kind of catchiness. The dynamic dueling between guitarists Craig ‘Goonzi’ Gowans and Steven Jones carries the manic emotions of this record. The hard-hitting numbers like ‘Pathfinder’, ‘Fall Away’, and ‘For All to See’ attack with deliberate ferocity. The boom from Davie Provnn‘s bass complements and increases the massive sound that these guys are able to capture. There is a hint of Pantera-like grooves in their breakdowns, but with a thoughtful modern twist. The mix of grit and tidy tones is a unique and powerful combo.

The agility, fortitude, and cleverness of Ali Richardson‘s drumwork is similar to his brilliance in his other act, Sylosis. ‘Into Nothing’ reveals the unrestrained growls of Scott Kennedy who properly presents his sincere lyrics on growth and destiny. Several of the songs provide clean, gang vocals at an atmospheric pace during the chorus which complements the relentless breakdowns and movement of each track. The succulent solo from Trivium‘s Matt Heafy on ‘Night Crossing’ gives the album an extra ‘oomph’ of dynamic deliciousness. The song’s music video was inspired by the world’s current lockdown situation making it a thoughtful and relevant piece.

The potency of the last few tracks culminates in the band’s purposeful proclamations of intensity. Specks of Thrash Metal shine through with the speed and franticness heard on the last three numbers. Their disarray of heaviness mixed with some very stately melodies blend the gnarly with the elegant. ‘Ascend’ has fury, deliberate layers, and texture. Kennedy’s relentless roars keep the listener engaged and uplifted. ‘Utopia’ presents an earnestness in the band’s gallop towards groove and depth. Each piece has a strong delivery of resolute riffs. Bleed From Within has really stepped up their game and created a new standard for Modern Metal. The rich songwriting and quality production leads to new discoveries every time the listener pushes play. This is an album worth putting on repeat over and over again.