ALBUM REVIEW: Black Void – Antithesis

In a time like the last few years, we all are looking for that good piece of news, that sense of accomplishment, that fix of dopamine, to keep us going. Sometimes the positivity, the harmony, the peace is just deafening and some gloom is needed. This is where Black Void resides with their debut release, Antithesis (Nuclear Blast). Born from the group’s other persona, White Void, of hard rock classification, is that good feeling inverse of what Black Void has put together. What that equates to is, crust punk competing with black metal to make a nihilistic ride through darkness.

I found the back half of Antithesis to be the most memorable and it starts with ‘It’s not Surgery, it’s a Knife Fight’. This track may be one of the better tracks that mixed well even amounts of black metal and crust punk. Catchy riffs, blazing fast tempo in the verses, and even a slick guitar solo tossed in for good measure. ‘Explode into Nothingness’ picks right back up with more of the signature d-beat in the verses and keeping the tempo going. The guitar leads towards the end of the song was a nice touch as well without actually being a solo and taking focus off of the riff.

‘Nihil’ completes these three tracks towards the end of the album and it should probably be the calling card of Black Void. The common theme of punky drumbeats continues but they double down on the black metal guitars both in rhythm sections and leads. The riff two minutes in is full of emotion and pain which stuck with me through each listen.

Being the evil twin of White Void, Black Void is certainly something that had to occur to maintain balance for these musicians. The Antithesis album title is perfectly played as well for this same reason that Black Void stands for everything inverse of its sister, White Void. I am unsure what is the future for these projects, but this was certainly something new that is sure to help many battle through what appears to be the end of the pandemic era.

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6 / 10