Beyond Creation – Algorythm

As Technical Death Metal begins its third decade as a subgenre, the stakes for success have never been higher. Legends like Cannibal Corpse, Gorguts, Suffocation, Cryptopsy, Obscura, Dying Fetus, Immolation and more continue to churn out incredible releases every few years and still slay. New bands, buoyed by modern technology, scale new heights of musical proficiency. They write brain-exploding songs all the time. Hell, there are guys and gals on YouTube just shredding all the time on originals, covers, and playthroughs. But the question we have is can anyone write a truly memorable song anymore?

If you are Beyond Creation, the answer is yes! The band has been around for a while (formed in 2005, the first release in 2010) and have been at times the hungry upstart, up and coming buzz band, and now cagey veterans. They have churned out impressive albums before, but on Algorythm (Season of Mist) they put the emphasis on the song, but keep the musicianship intact. Not just another album of lights out playing, but tasteful, mature death metal songs that have dynamics and a narrative. Two things that often get lost in the quest for extremity.

After a dramatic instrumental prologue, the album opens with a build up, not an explosion. Pianos, strings and brass compliment many tracks and interludes throughout. Not an all-out assault like many albums, but a bobbing and weaving thread that is a musical journey as much as the one created by lyrics or artwork. The top tracks include  ‘Entre Suffrage Et Mirage’, ‘Ethereal Kingdom’, the title track, ‘In Adversity’, ‘ Binomial Structures’, and ‘The Afterlife’ and ‘Surfaces Echoes’.  

There is an ebb and a flow to these tracks, not unlike a prog rock album. The growth seen on this album is really something special and will see Beyond Creation join the ranks of the aforementioned greats of the genre.