Audible Joes – Irrational Anthems

Summer is here and it arrived in the form of Audible Joes Irrational Anthems (self-released/Jon Dom). Irrational Anthems is infectious punk-pop. Irrational Anthems is upbeat and fun and perfect for the weather. Audible Joes is the perfect antithesis to, “…a world gone mad…”

Irrational Anthems follows the punk formula of almost, but not quite, totally unlike singing over a wall of guitars sporting the first, third, fifth chords, and cymbal-led drumming.

It’s the familiarity of composition that makes the album.

‘Born Again Cynic’ starts with the line “…Turn it up!…” and Irrational Anthems is an album to be played loud. It’s the perfect companion for beach parties, pool parties, or just driving with the top down. The lyrics I could make out capture the late teen/early 20-something angst about living and dealing with “life stuff”. Like the song ‘I Wanna Be Affected’; “I don’t wanna be affected. But I wanna be affected all the same…” It seems deep and heavy… but not really.

So, think of Irrational Anthems as punk-light. Sure, you want to be angry at something because it’s vogue; but, you don’t want to do anything about it that might actually rock the boat. So instead, you play a very radio friendly, up-beat, fun album about being “angry”.

But, that’s the appeal of Audible JoesIrrational Anthems: it’s fun! It’s lighthearted! It’s a great summer album!