Any Given Day – Overpower

Metalcore has been written off that many times in the last few years I honestly lose track. But I think in some quarters the effect of bands like Killswitch Engage and Unearth still reverberate to this day. On the flip side of this though is the very real fact that much that is labelled Metalcore has been watered down to the point of sounding bland and insipid in delivery and message.

Any Given Day is a German band releasing their new album Overpower (Arising Empire), so let’s take a listen and see if they having anything new to bring to the already over-saturated table.

Straight away those heavy gruff vocals of frontman Dennis Diehl hit you full force, the man has obvious natural power in his voice and it really informs everything this band is about. ‘Start Over’ opens the album and those vocals rip through the speakers from the off. The clean vocals, however, leave a lot to be desired – every chorus and every melody felt tired and predictable, almost like an afterthought and were only because they needed to be.

I guess the real downside and disappointment of Overpower is that there is no real progression, or any real amount of different ideas going on to make anything standout. Bands like Bury Tomorrow are now putting in way more influences and elements to push Metalcore and keep it that much more relevant, whereas songs like ‘Savior’ and ‘Lonewolf’ just pass you by.

I want to stress though that this is by no means a terrible album and I think there is a definite audience out there for Any Given Day. ‘Devil Inside’ and ‘Fear’ were particular standouts and two songs where the hooks of the riffs and the vocals combined sublimely, the latter has an absolute monster of a vocal hook and will induce many a violent mosh pit with its Five Finger Death Punch stylings.

Overpower is mediocre-to-serviceable Metalcore and it’s very clear Any Given Day are not going to change the world, not that every album has to do so. I just wanted and expected something more, given where some bands are taking the genre these days, A definite missed opportunity.

6 / 10