ALBUM REVIEW: Allfather – A Violent Truth – Trepanation Recordings


There is nothing – nothing – clean about Allfather.

Not the production or tuning; not the various vocal methods; not the atmosphere or tone.


A Violent Truth (Trepanation Recordings) is at times sludgy, riffy, metal, blackened, thrashy, glacial, energizing, and gargantuan. The overall muddied sound leaves its mark all over the twenty-eight-minute-long release.


Tom B. is the consummate professional frontman, knowing exactly how and when to use his voice and when to sit back and let the rhythm section plod along. It’s a perfect balance that allows Tom to flex his esophageal merit while also buggering off for extended periods without leaving the listener wondering what happened to him. He can be full-bodied and harsh (‘Black Lungs’), gruff and hearty (‘Cast Off The Cross’), and downright infuriated (‘Take Their Eyes’).


The omnipresent foggy quality only adds to the gross antics. Guy Smith has no problem bashing the hell out of their kit. Whether the lines are active, tumbling or destructive, the drummer undoubtedly gets the most out of the percussion, while Andrew Day sets the groundwork with bass guitars and rounds out the rhythmic onslaught which permeates the six tracks.



When called upon, Al C. lays down serious savage string work while still adhering to the rotten sound. The riff actually pops on ‘Poison Soul’ before thrashy, pedal-guided mini solos recapture the adrenaline, and, while largely used as a guiding presence through turmoil and maniacal tendencies, the guitars on A Violent Truth cry and moan during the occasional, yet ripping solos.


Unsurprisingly, since A Violent Truth was created during two years which featured Covid, a widening of the gap between the oppressors and the oppressed and a reprehensible rise of modern-day fascism, the result sounds aggressive, combative and intimidating.


And anything but clean.


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8 / 10