Allegaeon – Apoptosis

Many years ago in his journey discovering what Heavy Metal meant to him, Trey Azagthoth of Morbid Angel once wisely stated that “Metal people want to get mowed down by viciously sick melodies slamming over an arrangement of beats that twists the body and pulls it in all directions; freak them up.” This brilliant quote still holds true today as it best describes what happens when you listen to the new Allegaeon album entitled Apoptosis (Metal Blade Records). This album is absolutely divine in every way. It takes you on a higher level of transcendence the further you listen to it. It is ART expressed in its purest form and you can easily find yourself getting lost in it. You don’t want it to end and it’s almost heartbreaking when you can to the realization that it will. This album was not only made for the Metalheads who can love and appreciate all forms of it, but for music enthusiast in general. It is the love child between the old and new generations of Metal.

Apoptosis starts off with pure, in-your-face, raw talent. In the opening song,
‘Parthenogenesis,’ we are introduced to an extremely beautiful, yet complex technical composition which sets the tone for the entire album. It was brilliantly put together and the groovy emphasis on guitars and bass is what really captures the listener. They are SUPERB! The album then transitions into the second track ‘Interphase/Meiosis,’ where we are introduced to the incredibly heavy vocal styling of Riley McShane. This track was so NASTY, it’s insane. I literally felt myself falling apart and I had to collect myself in order to listen to the rest of the album. This was ONLY THE SECOND FUCKING SONG. It was then followed by ‘Extremophiles B,’ which completely decimates. It has a combination of extreme riffs and harmonic singing. You can tell that they poured their hearts into this song.


The album continuously takes us on a journey of shredding, soul, and rhythm. Further into that journey, we begin to notice where the band gets its Metal influences. Some of the notable tracks are ‘Exothermic Chemical Combustion,’ and ‘Extremophiles A.’ The heaviest song and my favorite track on the album is ‘Metaphobia.’ It has so many layers to it and has a lot of speed as well. It is a haunting track and I love the depth of the vocals of it as it almost fades into the background while allowing the instrumentals to shine; it is a very cohesive arrangement. The album then mellows out allowing the listening to gather themselves together. One track that stood out to me the most and displayed more of the band’s talent was ‘Colors & Currents.’ It has Spanish guitar styling and serves as the album’s intermission. The album then goes out in a blaze of glory with the title track ‘Apoptosis.’

In closing, the only word I can use to describe this album is DIVINE! This album is a celebration of Metal’s artistry. It shows us that Metal musicians are not limited when it comes to genre or talent. It is a record everyone can appreciate.

9 / 10