Alestorm – No Grave But The Sea

For you uninitiated, Alestorm is what us pirate loving, rum swilling, sing-a-long hullabalooers listen to. Their newest disk is No Grave But The Sea (Napalm). To be sure, there is some nifty metal and folk music happening here. Alestorm is fun and competent, and that’s a dangerous combination! No Grave But The Sea is Alestorm’s sixth full length album and, in fact, another winner in the pirate metal album genre.

No Grave But The Sea starts out with the title track. It’s a hard rockin’, keytar heavy, head bangin’, ode to piracy and seafaring! Did I mention the keytar? But that leads into my new all-time favourite Alestorm song, ‘Mexico’. It starts with some awesome 8-bit fun then segues into an ode to Mexico! Yo Ho! Seriously, I’m in love with this song and you will be too! This is the perfect song for all you spring breakers as you head down to Mexico. This will be your rallying cry and theme song! Trust me, I’m a trained professional.

‘To the End of the World’ actually reminds me of Iron Maiden, if Iron Maiden wrote pirate songs. Peter Alcorn is channeling his Nicko McBrain; and Mate Bodor is doing his Davey, H, and Janick all rolled into one.

Then for those who are still unsure what it’s all about ‘Alestorm’;

“Rum, beer, quests and mead

These are the things that a pirate needs

Raise the flag, and let’s set sail

Under the sign of the storm of ale”!

And then… ‘Fucked With an Anchor’. Thank you Christopher Bowes for penning an amazing chorus that I will use every day until the end of time, before the band barrel through the rest of the album, closing with the epic, jaunty eight minute epic ‘Treasure Island’.

How can you not love this? And again, it’s not just the rum and pirating; it’s the music. The guitar playing is top notch. The band is tight. The drumming is supportive. The musicianship includes, trumpets, trombones, violins, vibraslaps, brass, keyboards, accordions, tin whistles, and did I mention the keytar?

9.0 / 10