AFI – AFI (The Blood Album)

The thing I like about AFI is that they are AFI. They have been an on again, off again staple in my cassette collection since the mid-1990’s. A lot of that is due to my many moods. You see, AFI is a very organic, internal type of band. AFI are the band you need, when you need them. So I am super happy to present to you AFI’s tenth studio album, affectionately called The Blood Album (Concord) or AFI

The Blood Album fits like a smooth leather glove. It’s ethereal and moving and driving, and the type of album you lose yourself in. It is 14 songs of awesomeness. Each song blends effortlessly into the next but each song has an individual brilliance that resonates with the listener, though a clear stand out track is ‘So Beneath You’. This one was on repeat for quite a while. I shouted the lyrics on the rooftops. “I don’t believe I can stay here as you vilify my blood…. I won’t kneel. I won’t bow… And I don’t serve anyone.” Davey Havok’s voice has strength and gravitas in its clarity and he’s augmented by Jade Puget, Hunter Burgan, and Adam Carson.

The album is always on the front foot, AFI takes the shot, and scores. ‘White Offerings’, ‘Aurelia’, and ‘Above the Bridge’ are perfect for the dance halls (if they have those anymore), and it puts me in the mind of the Electric Ballroom in Camden; dark, gritty, loads of lights, swarming bodies inhabiting the dance floor, possible vampires.

Overall, AFI’s The Blood Album is an aural trance from start to finish. It’s 47 minutes of movement and colour. The tracks on The Blood Album are perfect for singing along and dancing about the flat; or just driving down the highway. If you are a fan of AFI, you’ll love the album instantly. If this is your first brush with AFI, welcome! I know you’ll enjoy this album.