3Teeth – shutdown.exe

Industrial music has recently had quite resurgence when it comes to popularity and creative output. The likes of Rammstein and Nine Inch Nails have maintained huge, euphoric fan support throughout their careers (with the latter of course reforming in recent years), whilst the likes of Combichrist have continued to show just how diverse and immediate a style it can be. Whilst not the household name of some of their aforementioned peers, 3Teeth certainly warrant as much praise for flying the Industrial flag into a new generation; having been handpicked to support Tool on the back of their début self-titled album (Artoffact Records); a tour that delayed the workings of a follow-up which only now finally sees the light of day.

Thankfully, its most definitely worth the wait.

<shutdown.exe> (OMF) is a stark step forward from the début in many ways, predominantly in its narrative; which is both dark and fits perfectly with their sonic template. A somewhat science fictional theme of hacking and resetting what they dub “consensus reality tunnels” that limit and block creativity and individuality; its futuristic idea is firmly rooted in contemporary life and events and shows 3Teeth to be an intellectual outfit with a message in their music.

Married with pummelling synth-driven Industrial music heavily influenced by the likes of Skinny Puppy, this becomes a sensory sledgehammer which is as vicious as it is immediate and will likely make you dance as much as headbang. Far from samey throughout, the likes of ‘Atrophy’ are heavy slices that would make perfect rock club floor fillers, whilst ‘Insubstantia’ is a crawling, menacing example of very dissident electronica which still has that sex appeal in its sound that the likes of Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson were masters of.

Speaking of the God of Fuck, there is at times an uncanny resemblance between his and 3Teeth frontman Alexis Mincolla’s vocals, but this is a minor gripe, and Mincolla still pulls off a range between screams and a sinister drawl, he undoubtedly suits and bolsters all around him, and 3Teeth overall more than meet expectations. Smashing the notion of a difficult follow-up, this young outfit have excelled and improved virtually every notion, further cementing themselves as one of the most exciting newer bands around, and a spearhead in the Industrial resurgence.

Say hello to your new favourite band.