ALBUM REVIEW: 1349 – The Infernal Pathway


Norweigian plaguebourne Black Metal act 1349 unforgivingly unveil their new album, The Infernal Pathway (Season Of Mist), a long-awaited LP for 2019. Their centralized coherency has stayed true to its path since 1997. Their construct of aggressive black metal has remained consistent as they’ve impressively demonstrated a threshold of effective releases. 1349 is nothing short of innovative, corpse paint driven, and a cause to exist, ultra-aggressive, that is to put in simpler words, well-executed.

Intentional mayhem can easily describe this monstrous leviathan, 1349 never cease to hold true to their principals of providing the sinful, church-burning tunes that decays the listeners’ innocence. ‘Abyossos Antithesis’ builds up to a dissonant climax, providing anticipation as it grows in progression and technicality. Expectations are immediately met with ‘Through Eyes Of Stone’, defying blasts and vile riffage brings us into a loathsome cosmos. Nothing beats a revolting collective than adding a tasteful interlude, presented though the ‘Tunnel Of Set’ series that grinds into an abominable existence, Aside from the obvious intentional rough-hewn condition of recordings, quality is not compromised, which the zero hesitation essence imprints their authenticity to the genre.

Their final track ‘Stand Tall In Fire’ is indisputably the solo filled, epic ending that was unforeseen and eye-opening that unpredictably forced a double listen. My normal take on listening to a full length gives the album at least three full streams before fully diagnosing each individual track, however, this specific outro gave me a head-turning experience, highly suggest giving this track, and obviously the entire album, a repeat.

Reflecting on this rabid collaboration sends chills down the spine and springs tenacity within the blackened community. The band is gearing up, in support of The Infernal Pathway, for a full U.S. tour in the fall, and a European tour with ABBATH and VLTIMAS in 2020. We can expect great things from 1349, we can only hope they don’t make us wait half a decade until their next relentless follow up.

7 / 10