Crystal Fairy – Crystal Fairy

Gobsmacking is the word I’d use to describe Crystal Fairy’s newest, self-titled album (Ipecac Recordings). This aural stunner that is the Crystal Fairy album is brought to you by the good people of Teri Gender Bender from Le Butcherettes, Buzz and Dale from TheMelvins, and Omar from At The Drive-In and The Mars Volta. I doff my cap at these fine musicians.

So, there is this grunge element to Crystal Fairy that is melded with New Wave lovingly embraced by psychedelia all with a sprinkle of metal. Yes, you read that right. Think if Geddy Lee, Souxie Souix, Soundgarden, and Black Sabbath had a baby; while dropping ‘shrooms – at the original Woodstock. Mind-bending, I know.

Crystal Fairy is eleven songs packed in forty-one minutes of your own private Idaho. The tracks ‘Chisler’ and ‘Bent Teeth’ are fast-paced, heavy, chunky and rumbling. You can’t sit still in your seat (which annoys your cats when you leap up unexpectedly and start air-guitaring). The vocals have a light intensity that makes the listener swoon. Everything is immediate. ‘Chisler’ is followed by ‘Drugs On The Bus’ and it’s the total opposite in tone. It’s what Lurch listens to when he’s not working. It’s…it’s… it’s ‘Sweet Leaf’ Part II, Psychedelic Boogaloo. ‘Under Trouble’ is evil and surreal, which beckons you to the dark side.

The rest of the tracks are just as stellar; ‘Moth Tongue’ is another sludge-worthy walk on the dark side, and overall, just the sound of the music claws into your consciousness and makes you see colours. The title track ‘Crystal Fairy’ is a nod to Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ‘Heaven On Their Minds’.

Crystal Fairy’s Crystal Fairy is always on the front foot. It’s wicked sinister and you’ll love it!