Aklaloid Streaming The Malkuth Grimoire

Alkaloid. Photo Credit: Christian Martin Weiss

Alkaloid. Photo Credit: Christian Martin Weiss

German extreme progressive metal supergroup Alkaloid is stream their debut album The Malkuth Grimoire below.

Consisting of a pedigree of extreme musicians, including current and former members of Necrophagist, Obscura, Spawn of Possession, Aborted, Dark Fortress, God Dethroned, Blotted Science and Noneuclid, Alkaloid set out to push the boundaries of progressive, extreme music on their full-length debut. The group also decided to self-record and self-release The Malkuth Grimoire via a successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.com.


Morean (Dark Fortress, Noneuclid) – ¬Vocals, Guitars
Christian Muenzner (Spawn of Possession, Ex¬-Obscura, Ex¬-Necrophagist) ¬- Guitars
Danny Tunker (Aborted, Ex¬-God Dethroned) ¬- Guitars
Linus Klausenitzer (Obscura, Noneuclid) ¬- Bass
Hannes Grossmann (Blotted Science, Ex¬-Obscura, Ex¬-Necrophagist) –¬ Drums

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