A GoFundMe Has Been Launched for The Vocalist of Crawling Through Tartarus, Injured in a Shooting at a Metal Show

In a story we are following up on, a GoFundMe campaign has been launched for Matt Holzboog of Crawling Through Tartarus. The Death Metal vocalist and family man was seriously injured when a shootout broke out at his bands’ show April 23rd, 2022, outside of The Marquis Lounge, in San Bernardino, California. One person wqas killed and three others besides Matt were hurt. Matt suffered a shattered fibia and tibia bone, and a main artery was hit as well. After two surgeries and almost a month in the hospital, he came home to his family on May 18th. Matt has not only suffered from being shot, but he faces medical bills and loss of wages for his wife who took unpaid leave to help care for him when he came home. Please help Matt and his family with anything you can spare.