6 Awesome Ideas in Setting up a Home Theater in Your Living Room

Our living rooms could be the best room in the house as we rest, watch TV, play video games, read, eat snacks, and do all the fun things in it. However, you can still make the room even better by setting up a home theater in it! A home theater will allow you to get the same experience of going to the movies without having to leave your house. Moreover, playing video games on it is just epic! After the breakout of Covid-19, having a home theater is much needed, as we stay home for longer hours to stay safe, and of course, the lockdowns can have us stay home for even months. Read on as in this article, we will provide you with six awesome ideas for setting up a home theater in your living room.


Control the Light

Limit the ambient light that enters your living room to make the most out of your home theater. Ambient light is the light source that comes from other rooms or windows. An ambient light can make the video projection images less enjoyable. If it is impossible to stop light from leaking into your living room, get a high lumens rating projector. Another way that can help in blocking the light is hanging shades and light-blocking curtains.

Control the Sound

Same as ambient light, ambient sound can make your home theater experience less enjoyable. Ambient sound is any sound that comes from any source outside of the home theater location like washing machines, kids playing, dogs barking, or people talking in other rooms. You can control ambient sound by making your living room soundproof, and this can be done by adding another layer of drywall. You can also add sound-reducing wallboards. Solid doors and thicker curtains can also help in blocking ambient sounds.

Build an A/V Component Rack

The A/V component rack or the audio-visual component rack is the mastermind that controls everything related to the entertainment in the home theater. Therefore, you need to build a proper audio-visual component rack and make sure that it is positioned near an electric outlet and there is a place for connecting an internet source wire close to it.

Style Up Your Equipment

When you are choosing the equipment, make sure that they match the style of the room. It is recommended that you paint the walls and the ceiling with dark colors to control the lighting. To make your living room look more like a cinema, make sure that you choose the furniture in the room first, then match up the equipment colors and style accordingly. Moreover, you can hang cool posters of old or new movies on the walls. To have a better idea about how cool home theaters can look when using the right colors and equipment, check out the cool pictures posted on Living Entertainment North Coast website. You can also add other movie theater decor of your choosing to accentuate the space. There are different materials and colors to choose from to make your living room look like a real movie theater.

Keep It Simple

The simpler the room is, the better. Avoid crowding the room by placing too many items in it. This can be hard, as there are many cool things that you will find while shopping for setting up the home theater. However, keep in mind that a cluttered room will only look messy! Moreover, adding only a few needed items to your home theater will not only look better but will save you some extra dollars that you can spend on upgrading your equipment.

Plan Proper Seating

While you are planning the viewing and seating, make sure that there is nothing blocking the view or the screen. Keep a proper distance between the screen and the chairs. You do not have to spend a fortune on the chairs if you can’t afford to buy expensive ones. Any comfortable chairs will do, however, make sure that they don’t have high backs to avoid blocking the viewers sitting behind you.


You can set up a home theater in your living room with any budget, as there is a wide variety of equipment with different prices and according to your needs. Other than being super fun and entertaining, setting up a home theater in your living room will add to the value of your house if you ever decide to sell it! It is true that you don’t need a fortune to have a good home theater, but you need to pay attention to the details like the wall colors, the ambient sound and lighting, and the seating. Now you are ready to have a movie theater-like experience at the comfort of your home.