4 Ways to Learn Playing Guitar With Online Tutoring

The guitar is one of the most commonly played musical instruments in the world. When it comes to playing the guitar, there are many avenues you can explore.


One way that you can learn to play the guitar is online. Traditionally, guitar players have always learned to play with one on one tutoring done physically.


There are benefits to having a physical tutor as opposed to learning online. On the other hand, with the development of technology, learning online is not much different than learning physically and has its own set of benefits.


The following are several ways to learn playing guitar with online tutoring:

1. Truefire

When learning to play guitar with online tutoring, it helps to have the highest standard of teachers. Truefire is a website that can guarantee excellent teachers as they offer guitar lessons featuring some of the most famous names in the music industry.


Some of the guitarists have previously worked or currently do with the biggest names as well. As opposed to other places where you might get half-baked teachers, Truefire assures you of quality instruction.


Truefire teachers use a variety of interesting tools to teach you to play guitar. They will even use guitar hero to teach guitar which has proven to be quite a fantastic tool in this regard.


You can select the genre of music that you would like to play. There are teachers for every genre imaginable on Truefire including acoustic, blues, rock country, and jazz.


You will have to pay a tidy sum for their tuition. Only then can you gain access to the full extent of their content and lessons.

2. YouTube

YouTube is the world’s largest video streaming platform and the second largest search engine after Google. You can find essentially every type of video on YouTube.


One of the ways you can learn to play guitar with online tutoring is with YouTube. There are many channels, numbering in the thousands offering guitar lessons across the platform.


With so many options, it is important that you seriously consider who you learn from as it will have future repercussions. You must be choosing the best way to learn for yourself. No single way will suit everybody. YouTube has made learning guitar with online tutoring more accessible than ever before and you can benefit from it. The downside is that you have to sift through all the information to find out what works.


Just because someone is a great guitar player does not mean that they will be a good teacher. There can be a significant difference.


For online tutoring of playing guitar, you should select a YouTube channel with easy to follow instructions, a knowledgeable teacher, and good video quality among others.

3. Jamplay

Another way you can receive tutoring online to learn to play the guitar is through a website called Jamplay. Jamplay is a valuable resource that specifically focuses on video content.


There are many subjects pertaining to playing guitar such as scales and percussion which Jamplay understands. Therefore, they have different teachers for various aspects of guitar playing. You cannot miss a subject in which you have an interest.


Speaking of the teachers, lessons are conducted by seasoned music professionals with incredible expertise. Each teacher will focus on a specific genre so you can learn various disciplines.


The platform also accommodates learners at all levels from beginner to highly advanced. It makes it very easy for you to use Jamplay as you can join them from any level.


4. Yousician

Yousician is a revolutionary app that is one of the best ways to learn to play the guitar with online tutoring. What makes Yousician such a wonderful guitar playing learning tool is that the program constantly gives you feedback about your playing.


You can learn essentially anything you want about playing guitar on the application. For each subject matter, there is a specific level and only once you have completed one level can you move on to the other one.


The app is very interactive which is its best feature and one that no other way of learning to play guitar online can offer. It adapts to your skill level and helps you to monitor your progress as well as accelerate it.


The four best ways to learn playing guitar with online tutoring are Jamplay, YouTube, Trufire, and Yousician. There are other tools you can find online depending on your goals.


When it comes to learning how to play guitar online, you can be more than your tutor because there is so much information out there. If you can keep practicing with any of the tools above, you can learn how to play.