EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE: Her Despair – “Blaspheme With Me”

Up and coming UK gothic metal band Her Despair is releasing their new EP this summer, the amazingly titled ‘Mournography.’ The EP drops on July 20th, and we’ll bring you more news soon about this exciting band. In the meantime, Ghost Cult has teamed up with the band to debut their new music video for the track ‘Blaspheme With Me, so check it out!

Formed in 2015, Her Despair began as a solo project with the release of debut album ‘Hymns For the Hopeless’. Enmeshing the sounds of their chief influences such as The Sisters of Mercy, Paradise Lost, HIM and Rammstein, the group started blossoming as they moved into a complete lineup. Mournography was recently completed by the band with Matt Bew at Whitehouse Studios (Reading, UK), and is described as such:

Mournography is an exploration into the mysteries of tragedy, blasphemy, death, and love; both literally and figuratively. The mourning of some, the lust of others. These songs praise and pervert the Word of God simultaneously: providing a deeply unsettling spiritual experience set to a bleak backdrop of melancholia.”


J – vocals

Dan – guitar

Vikki – bass

Jord – guitar

Lee – drums