EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Stream Pillaging Villagers’ New Album

Mixing Crossover Thrash, Punk, and Celtic Melodies; Pillaging Villagers is unlike any band you have heard in 2022! Delve into a medieval world of self-described “peasant metal” – Pillaging Villagers upcoming album is a concept album composed entirely by vocalist David Frazer, Pillaging Villagers features the session contributions of drummer Jason Hirt (Ghost Bath), guitarist Brian Koenig (Lords of the Trident) and bassist Adam Tucker (A Scanner Darkly). Pre-orders are live at the link below! Stream their new album before is releases on March 11th, 2022!





Track Listing:


  1. Wretched of the Earth
  2. We Remember
  3. The Count
  4. The Bishop
  5. The Emperor
  6. The Crisis
  7. Voices in the Sky
  8. Burn the Monastery
  9. Smash the Factory
  10. Ready to Die
  11. Crush the Enemy
  12. Freedom is Ours


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